Dave Moorman's Music

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The Full Musical Collection from a "Low-Grade Genius"

Dave Moorman's Music

Since I first found how to make good sounds on a piano, I have loved to compose music. For years, getting the music on paper was a great hassle, and I really did not read sheet music well enough to hear what I wrote. In the 80s, I got a Commodore 64 computer that had a three-voice synthesizer and bought a music processor program. Later, I added MIDI instruments, and even wrote my own music processor programs. But it was 2009 when I found MuseScore, a full-feature writing, printing, and performing tool that makes it easy for me to share what I have.

Years ago, I put some of my music, complete with rather wordy explanations and sheet music on another site, which can be accessed HERE. 

These are most of my songs. One is stolen - the rest I wrote myself. I figure I am a low-grade genius at music. And that is alright, because the joy I receive is anything but "low-grade!"

Album: Innertainment

When I walked into the recording studio, the engineer/owner asked, "Where's your music?" I pointed to my head. In about an hour, I successfully played the following songs - most of my own composition.

Simple Waltz

My first song - written probably in 1958 when I was first taking piano lessons. As I recall, the only raves I received were from my mother's bridge club about how straight I drew the lines of the staff.

Simple Waltz
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

Another Song

This song was written in the late 60s - put to paper when I was a Freshman in college. The title shows a certain conceit! 

Die Melodie Zurrich Kommen
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

Just a Polka in the Nose

I used to call this a march, but my wife thought I stole it from somewhere. So I decided this is a polka, and dedicated it to one of my two Uncle Johns. Don't ask which one!

Uncle Johnny's Polka
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

February 27, 1971

This began as a "music box" improvisation, using an Alberti bass. When Sheri and I decided to get married, I fleshed it out and wrote it all down as sheet music.

Wedding Music
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

For Dorothy

I learned to play jazz (C-minor blues scale) in high school from a guy who claimed he couldn't read music and was tone deaf. But he knew his jazz. In the 2001, I came up with this song in 3/4 time - and just when it was finished, a parishioner named Dorothy died in a car crash. So this is for her.

Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

A Perfect Storm

This is my mother's favorite piece, for it describes how a Kansas thunderstorm will roll in and inundate the unharvested wheat. I had a chance to record it at a professional studio in Albuquerque in 2013, and the sound is perfect.

Prairie Storm
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

The Anniversary Song

This song was "borrowed" from a Fake Book back in the late 80s. I thought it was pretty, so I made it my own.

Anniversary Song
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

Jazz at Church

When I discovered that "One in the Spirit" followed the blues scale, I was excited. And when i found that the opening of "Moonlight Sonata" also fits the pattern, the rest was ecstasy!

One in the Spirit
Dave Moorman (Innertainment)

Album: Crazy Vocals

I have created or parodied funny songs since I was in high school. Thanks to the miracle of computers, I now have them written down, arranged, and recorded with my own scratchy voice.

Happy Cyclist

Traveling through the Dakotas during the summer of 1969, I encountered the motorcycle rally at Sturgis, SD, and noticed that bikers seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Happy Cyclist
Dave Moorman (Crazy Vocals)

A Wacky Song

I heard a parody of the Bob Denver song with this name, but I needed more for a video project in 1998. So I came up with a fair description of my denomination's beliefs.

Thank God, I'm a Methodist
Dave Moorman (Crazy Vocals)

An Even Wackier Song

From the heart of a zucchini hater! The accompaniment is from the Commodore 64 in all its scratchy glory.

Zucchini Song
Dave Moorman (Crazy Vocals)

A Cat's Tail

When we got Isakat Newton, he and our son had a diet of turkey while Sheri and I were away from town. The cat was spoiled! That started the creative process. Each verse came in its own time, and the last had to wait for the terrible rhyme of "haunches" and "conscience".

Turkey on My Mind
Dave Moorman (Crazy Vocals)

God Rest Ye Merry

This parody was one of my first, from my high school days (with a bit of Mad Magazine humor). It started when I thought that Jesus was born just a week before my own birthday (January 1), and how my dad missed the tax deduction by my arrival six hours and fifteen minutes late. One thing led to another - and the rest is mythology! By the way, I still am often late - and will be until I am "the late Dave Moorman!"

Joe and Mary
Dave Moorman (Crazy Vocals)

Album: Commodore 64

I got a new computer in 1986  - a 1982 Commodore 64 - which gave me a built-in three-voice synthesizer. So I got creative trying to get the best harmonies possible with a musical "trio."

Twisty and Turny

This piece was originally called "Warm Hearted," and was written for a celebration of the birthday of John Wesley. This recording is from MuseScore.

Flute Flight
Techno-Orchestra (Commodore 64)

What Can Three Voices Do?

In the 1980s, I was really into the wild rhythms and (dis)harmonies of Frank Zappa. This song, originally written on the C64, began with the bass line. The rest just flowed from there. This recording is from MuseScore.

Techno Orchestra (Commodore 64)

A Journey of Faith

When I hear this song, I imagine medieval wagons bumping along a rutty road on the way to a holy site. Hear the clanging of a bell as the wagon rocks from side to side. Again, this song - while written for three voices - was remastered with MuseScore.

Pilgrims March
Techno Orchestra (Commodore 64)

Album: Artificial Genius

I am not the smartest person in the world - but sometimes I can create something I (at least) consider beautiful with my Techno-Orchestra.

A Little Jewish?

While in Ogden, UT, I wrote a number of songs for our choir. This one is a setting for Psalm 100.

Joyful Noise
Techno-Orchestra (Artificial Genius)

For Meditation

This song began as a few notes on the piano which seemed to say, "Ah - Lord Jesus." I got it written down on the music processor, then expanded it to make music for a time for thought and prayer.

Ah, Lord Jesus
Dave Moorman (Artificial Genius)

Album: Lightning 'Lectrons

"Nothin' here but us electrons!" This album was created using MuseScore on my Windows 7 PC. Once it is turned into bits and bytes, the rest is easy!

Making It Raggedy

The piano in the basement the Cheyenne Wells church is a bit "honky-tonk." So I began working with rag-time and decided to try my own hand at it. The opening part is what I remember from hearing 12th Street Rag as a 6-year-old - completely wrong, of course. But what the heck. It's Rag Time!

Cheyenne Rag
Dave Moorman (Lightning 'Lectrons)

Music from the Open Plains

When we got to Cheyenne Wells, I had my nifty music processor on the computer: MuseScore. With it, I can compose and arrange a whole "techno-orchestra" at my fingertips. This Concerto brings together three numbers that started on the piano, but just got better with all the instruments.

Wells Concerto
Techno-Orchestra (Lightning 'Lectrons)

A Path to the Holy

Before I went into the ministry, I wrote several songs for the choir at Community UMC in Ogden, UT. This was one of the choir's favorites.

The Beatitudes
Dave Moorman (Lightning 'Lectrons)

Biblical Possibilities

I was asked to put together a video-poem about the book Biblical imagination. So I took "Up from the Grave He Arose" and set it in a minor key - until the ending.

Missional Imagination
Techno Orchestra (Lightning 'Lectrons)

Just a Fun Ditty

This tune came slipping out of my fingers one day, and I hurried to get the melody written before it was lost. It sure "cleaned up purdy," didn't it!

Dew in the Morning
Techno Orchestra (Lightning 'Lectrons)

A Note About "D"

This song, like so many, began as a bit of fooling around on the piano. The chord progression reminds me of some movie theme I don't quite recall. When I brought it into the music processor, I was not sure it would work at all - but I was able to include variations on the theme which are well beyond my performance ability. I am quite pleased with the result.

Techno Orchestra (Lightning 'Lectrons)

Album: Dancing the Sun

I am an introvert creator - but occasionally I drag someone else into the project. 

From the Black Hills of Wyoming

This song began as two numbers that had very similar structures, so similar that I would confuse them during performance. So I put them together, and had Becka Dulaney play the melody on her flute. 

Sun Dance
Becka Dulaney & Dave Moorman (Dancing the Sun)


This song was written, with pencil on paper back in the early 80s. My hope then was to express the amazement of the Resurrection. I re-created it some 30 years later and asked Kasey Hoover to sing in on Easter morning. Beautiful!

Mary's Song
Casandra Hoover (Dancing the Sun)